Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Great British Tradition...

Seeing as though it's a Saturday night, and the perfect time for a good old fashioned fish supper.
I thought I should show you probably the coolest chippie I came across when we visited Bridlington.
Come inside and take a peek...

I'll have some scraps, vinegar but no salt please.

And how's about a big bag of pick 'n' mix for pudding!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Half A Life Time Ago...


I also absolutely love teaching on the Art Foundation course, and this week's focus is fashion design.

When I realised that some of my fashion designs had been produced half my life ago, I hoped I hadn't forgotten how to do it!

I sketched these a while ago, just to flex those fashion muscles again!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the students' work!



Friday, 16 September 2016

Chapel Street, I Love You...

It's a bit gloomy out today, shall we whizz off to Chapel Street in Penzance for a spot of shopping?

It's one of my favourite places for pootling around for a bit of retail therapy.

But before we indulge, I have to show you The Egyptian House, look how beautiful it is!

First call is No 56, this is like an oasis of calm, full of the most beautifully displayed pieces for the home you have ever seen...


I have never been so excited about sweeping up brushes!

I so want one of these feather dusters!

Ooh! That's better!

Just one more shop and then a cup of tea?

Let's go to End Paper.

If, like me, you have a bit of a problem resisting beautiful stationery, this could become very expensive.

The shop is split down the middle, beautiful vintage and antique books on one side (where hubby dives in), and gorgeous stationery and paper goodies by independent makers on the other.

So much temptation!

I'd better put me purse away now...

Cup of tea and a slice of cake?


Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Lesson Learned...

During the summer I attended a two day experimental painting workshop at The Newlyn School of Art.

The tutor was Sam Bassett, and I have been a fan of his work for a long time.

We had a glorious time playing with paint and mixed media, and the fellow students were such a great group of creative, generous souls.

Using some of the papers I prepared, this was the piece I worked on during the second day.

What I found out about myself was that I can feel embarrassed about the recurring motifs and subject matter that appears in my work.

I think at some point everyone can feel that they should do something different, something more.

So when my rabbit- eared girl decided to come out to play, I talked about this when we were sharing our thoughts in the group.

But I learned a valuable lesson that day.

She is MY rabbit- eared girl.

And honest imagery evolves slowly and will keep re-appearing.

And I'm not troubled by this anymore, and if any more hares or wild haired ladies or jackdaws and black birds want to come and play, they are more than welcome!

( Thanks for listening, I feel better for that!)


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Old Town...

When we visited Bridlington we walked from The Old Town to the seafront.

This part of Bridlington is like stepping back in time, in fact the Dad's Army film was filmed around here!

I'd read in the tourist guide that there was a notorious Victorian ghost who was often seen to slide down this pub's staircase.

I popped my head around the door, and then I muttered about the ghost apologetically, as there was a lady cleaning the tables directly in front of me.

'You can come and see her later if you want,'

she offered kindly,

'but me Mum's still asleep upstairs!'

I was also fascinated by this beautiful old shop, I felt a bit cheeky taking photos of it to tell you the truth, but the displays were lovely.

I also saw the most beautiful little house for sale....sigh.

And as we turned the corner, there were Morris dancers!

And a rather enthusiastic new member of the group!!!

There is also the most beautiful vintage shop with stunning shop fittings.

Heather's Simply Vintage is packed full of beautiful and quirky pieces and it has a really friendly atmosphere.

Aaaargh! Selfie alert!

... I really should have bought that hat!