Monday, 22 May 2017

A Day Out In Robin Hood's Bay...


In the Easter holidays we spent a lovely day at Robin Hood's Bay.

We sat out overlooking the sea, armed with sarnies and a flask of tea

( I've just realised that my sentences are rhyming!)

Some of you over in Instagram land may remember me fretting over the rapidly diminishing size of my very favourite pencil....well, out of the blue, Mini Goth remembered that she bought it from Robin Hood's Bay!

As you can see, I stocked up! Yay!

And started sketching straight away!

(I had a little friend with me too!)

Middie also enjoys a good read, she's very cultured indeed!

You don't often see a gargoyle peering at the sea...

or a sheep!

We them had a pootle around the beautiful village,

and I visited my favourite gnomes.

I also happened upon the most beautiful and inspiring shop,

Bertie's Of Bay.

Love those dungarees!

I was fortunate enough to meet the shop's owner, Laura, who knits these beautiful scarves, hats and throws.

They are incredibly soft and the colours are just glorious.

We chatted about how you should follow your dreams and I felt completely inspired.

You could feel the love and care that had gone into every inch of this wonderful place.

So, with a hand full of shiney new pencils and a head full of inspiration, we walked up the hill on our way back home.

Thanks Laura for the lovely chat, and thanks Robin Hood's Bay, you're good for the soul...



Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hats And Dreams. Jo Miller:

Jo is not only a truly inspirational designer, but a true inspiration herself.
She is proof that you can follow your dreams if you really want to.
(First two images taken from the 2021 Visual Arts Centre display).

Jo is one of Scunthorpe's finest and in 2011 she packed her bags for the bright lights of London.

And what a success story she has been!

'The Bones Of Me' is a fascinating exhibition of Jo's millinery designs, her use of unusual materials and techniques are incredible.

Quilted Hat.

Resin Turban.

Over Sized Beanie with Large Pom.

Battered Beanie.

Bag Bow.

Hat In A Bag.

I love looking in sketchbooks, so it was a real treat to see Jo's thought processes and her sample experiments were fascinating.

If you get the chance to visit I highly recommend this little gem of an exhibition.

Congratulations Jo Miller!




Thursday, 11 May 2017

Textile Artists Of The Future...

Yesterday I received a lovely message from Jo Schotting, an art teacher from The Holt School in Berkshire.

Her Year Nine students (aged 13 years), have been exploring textiles as an art form in their art class, and they have been looking at my work!

It was such a surprise and I couldn't believe how amazing the students' work is!

What a talented class!

The students were asked to consider the presentation of their sketchbook pages, as well as explore a wide range of materials and haberdashery.
Thank you so much Jo for sending me the photographs and well done to the Year Nine students, your work is stunning!
I hope you enjoyed your project!


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Mrs B's Textural Landscape Workshop At Hope And Elvis...

I was excited and nervous about Sunday's workshop at Hope and Elvis because I'd never taught it before.
I'd really enjoyed preparing the workshop from scratch, the planning notes, poster displays, examples and demo boards. It sounds geeky but I really love building a workshop from just an idea into something tangible.
To begin with, everyone cracked straight on with a quick warm up exercise...

Everyone quickly got stuck in and started building up the layers.
The room began to fill with chatter, laughter, paint and cake!
(Thanks again mum and Jean from the village!)
It always amazes me how everyone's work evolves so differently!
It was great to see such a strong use of colour!
The paintings change so much during the day.
There's always time for a chat as the paint dries!
In the afternoon the concentration levels were high as the final layers were applied...

Landscapes began to appear...
The table of lovlieness began to fill up...
just look at the stunning results!

It was wonderful to see such a fantastic variety of finished paintings and I loved every minute of the weekend.
Thank you to everyone who came along, and to Louise, Louise A and Sam who worked so hard to make such a creative and magical weekend.