Saturday, 16 December 2017

Welbeck Winter Weekend (Part Two)...


As I mentioned in the first part of this post, as well as all the gorgeous food stalls and wonderful craft market, the artists, designers and crafts people who work at the Welbeck Estate also open up their studios.

It is always a real treat to visit the beautiful studio of Fine Artist Hilary Bower.

I have long been a fan of Hilary's beautiful work, and her studio space is truly inspirational.

To see all of the materials laid out and the sketchbooks open just makes me want to paint and draw!

Just beautiful!

I do hope that you enjoyed that little tour, and I hope that you could feel the calm and peace that is always present in Hilary's studio.

Thank you Hilary for letting me photograph your creative space again!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend xxx


Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Welbeck Winter Weekend!


A couple of weeks ago I was so happy to help out at the lovely Hope and Elvis Studio for the Welbeck Winter Weekend.

It's a brilliant event, with an amazing arts and craft market, wonderful food stalls and the open studios.

(I am going to have to apologise in advance, as I didn't take half as many photos as I wanted because I was chatting too much!)

Folks could come along and print with me if they fancied a bit of arty goings-on.

There were lots of other creative activities to try out too, the atmosphere was really chatty and Christmassy.

I'd made a printed garland,(I enjoyed making it so much that I also made them into kits!)


I shared a table with the lovely Nicki from Being Knitterly, whose kits were stunning, (shame I'm useless with the knitting needles!)

There were a few Mrs B bits and bobs for sale too.

It was great to catch up with good friends.

Hello Emma and Pauline!

And, as always, the Hope and Elvis Studio looked truly magical.

There are so many exciting workshops afoot for 2018!

Look at Louise's brooch!


(Obligatory Hope and Elvis loo selfie!)

And just look at the fabulous creations emerging from the atelier of Louise Presley...

Loving the photos of the two Louises.

Had the most delicious pizza for dinner.

In fact, it was the perfect day!

Thank you to both Louises for inviting me to share a bit of Christmas magic!





Friday, 1 December 2017

The Last Creative Prompt...

I hope that you've enjoyed this year's Creative Prompt, its been great thinking them up.
I thought that for December, which, as well as all the festivities, can be a tad busy and stressful.

So, if it all gets a bit much, go grab your journal...

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Be A Good Girl...

'Straight back.
Shoulders down.
Be a good girl.'
(Something tells me that this young lady isn't going to do as she's told!)
...And I don't blame her!
I'm really enjoying preparing for my Mrs B's Paper and Collaging Weekend at Hope and Elvis on May 5th and 6th 2018.
(And if she isn't out gallivanting and causing shenanigans, this naughty lass might be coming along for the party!)

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Boggle Hole Arty Adventures...

A couple of weeks ago, the Art Foundation students ventured out to their residential trip to Boggle Hole, North Yorkshire.
We stayed at the amazing YHA Boggle Hole.
Boggle Hole was the best class room ever...
and I had the best desk!
Landscape painting...
...with a sea weed brush!
Inside, the hostel was so cosy and decorated with such care.
There were even resident Boggles!
Free donkey rides!
The best hot chocolates!
( Thank you Alice for organising such an amazing trip.)
The students even printed special 'Boggle My Hole' t- shirts.
Marshmallows and a camp fire!
The next day we went fossil hunting with Hidden Horizons, it was absolutely brilliant!
I felt so proud of the students, they worked so hard and we had such a great time.
After spending the morning on the beach, we walked to Robin Hood's Bay.
My heart burst with pride to see the students papping a rusty door!
I did a spot of gnome papping!
We all wanted this little house for an art studio!
In the evening there was lots of arty goings on.
On my last day I went down to the beach to see the sun rise,and I can't describe how beautiful it was.
(I might have even shed a little tear or two!)

I hope you enjoyed our Art Foundation trip, time for another hot chocolate methinks!
And I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the YHA Boggle Hole, the whole stay was truly amazing and you made us all feel so welcome.